Susie Päivärinta

In Dreams
Susie Päivärinta

In dreams
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You can stop the fire
Susie Päivärinta

You can stop the fire

Himmelens sång
Susie Päivärinta

Himmelens sång (alltid vid din sida)

Who Do I Trust?
Susie Päivärinta

Who do I trust?
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Snön faller vit
Susie Päivärinta

Snön faller vit
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God bless the rain
Susie Päivärinta

God bless the rain
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About Me


Susie Päivärinta or Susanne Elisabeth, her formal name, was born in Sweden the 10th of May 1964 in Sundbyberg but grew up in Sollentuna with her younger sister Lili and her older brother Totte.

Living in Stockholm with her boyfriend and their 3 children, they now have a new addition to the family; Bella, a Jack Russell terrier. Susie has a strong interest for animals and environment and also is actively involved in questions pertaining to these areas.

Her debut as a recording artist came in 1985 with the LP ”Lili & Sussie”. On that LP was their first hit ”Sommar i natt” which Lili and Susie wrote together with Niklas Strömstedt. To date they can add 15 hits and have topped radio and sales charts in all the Nordic countries and have written themselves into Swedish pop music history. Ever since her debut, Susie has been involved in the creative processes of both music and production. She has co-written several of Lili & Susie's hits and has had successes in both the national and international markets as a songwriter and as a recording artist.

As a person, Susie is very open for new influences and collaborations. One of the most unusual projects for her is Diztord where she sings a duet with growler Olle Ekman. The result of ”Wish You Where Here” you can see in the ”media” section.

”Suddenly a short, catchy idea pops up in my head. That's when I take out my guitar and follow through with it.” That's how Susie herself describes it when I asked where all the new song ideas come from. She defines herself just as much a songwriter as she is an artist who, besides using a guitar, can play a bit of piano in her creative endeavors.

The material for her own solo project can be described as delicate and self-exposing and where the focus is on the lyric and performance. It's there her voice and her capacity as a singer play a major role.

Susie's first solo CD”In the Sun” was released at the beginning of the millennium and had two radio hits with a lot of airplay. ”What goes around” and ”New day” which even became a hit in Japan.

Susie collaborates with many successful songwriters and producers that cover a wide musical spectrum. ”It's both exciting and educational to work with people who have different musical backgrounds and references. It helps me to developed both musically and personally” as Susie expresses it herself.

Susie is constantly working on new material and is very productive. We are extremely glad to be able to present Susie to you!

- Fredrik Kellerman

Susie's Library

Collaborators – producers, lyricists, and composers

With more than three decades of experience in the music branch, I have developed a wide network of songwriters, producers as well as artists, to be able to tailor write for the specific musical needs of any act.

Producers and songwriters that I have a close collaboration with are, among others; Nestor Geli, Pär Lönn, Pelle Andersson, Tord "Diztord" Bäckström, Joakim Törnqvist (Minor Bandits), Linda Sonnvik, Mikael Lindfors, Håkan Mjörnheim, George Nenerth, and Lina and Mårten Eriksson.

I have reached both national and international success with my, up to date 60 compositions. As references, among others include;
- ”Baby Doll” finalist Swedish 2012 song contest with the rockabilly group Top Cats. The song reached number 6 in the competition and became a huge radio hit in Sweden.
- ”New Day” became a hit in Japan with the Japanize singer Miz. The song was also used in commercial for electronics company JVC.
- ”Show Me Heaven”, ”Where Eagles Fly”, ”Nothing Could Be Better”, ”Evelyn” and ”Sommar i natt” all performed by me and my sister - Lili & Susie.

The Library

My library is made up of a large number of productions that encompass a wide musical spectrum. Everything from folk, country, pop, rock, schlager, radio/TV media soundtracks to rockabilly. The library consists of both published and unpublished songs just waiting for release.

- Susie Päivärinta


Title Year Single / Album / Artist Country
In Dreams2017Susie PäivärintaSweden
You can stop the fire2016Susie PäivärintaSweden
Who do I trust?2016Susie PäivärintaSweden
Faller Långsamt2015Magnus CarlssonSweden
Jag är fri2015SeanMagnus feat. SellishSweden
Lotta Engberg och jag2015Diamond DogzSweden
Sommarkärlek2015Diamond DogzSweden
Snön faller vit2014Susie PäivärintaSweden
Peace & Love2014KiralinaSweden
Jean-Louis2014Diamond DogzSweden
Title Year Single / Album / Artist Country
Kärlek i undervattensbåt2014Diamond DogzSweden
Fru Lindgren2014Diamond DogzSweden
Efter regn kommer solsken2014Diamond DogzSweden
En ask med choklad2014Diamond DogzSweden
Hey butterfly2014Susie PäivärintaSweden
Hit me2014JLTSweden
Sweet revenge2014Pink PistolsSweden
I am somebody2014Pink PistolsSweden
God bless the rain2014Susie PäivärintaSweden
Would you be mine2014Lili & SusieSweden
Title Year Single / Album / Artist Country
Fly, fly little bird2014Lili & SusieSweden
Here comes the flood2014Getty Domein feat. Chris MedinaSweden / USA
Dom som försvann2013Diamond DogsSweden
Till forever2013HellinorSweden
Dance with the devil2013Getty DomeinSweden
Du gör mig crazy2013SeanMagnusSweden
Little bird2013Artister mot speciesism - Various artists/Susie PäivärintaSweden
DevilAngel2012Single - 2njoySweden
Snart knackar tomten på vår dörr2012Från oss alla till er alla - Suzzie TapperSweden
Från oss till er2012Från oss alla till er alla - Lili & SusieSweden
Title Year Single / Album / Artist Country
Because it's christmas2012Från oss alla till er alla - Anki BaggerSweden
Baby doll2011Single - Top CatsSweden
Åt helvete för sent2011Single - Mathias HolmgrenSweden
Cést la vie! It's alright2011Single - Lucia PérezSpain
Diamonds2011Single - MelissaSpain
Das kannst nur du2011Single - IlonaGermany
Lieb mich jede nacht2011Single - IlonaGermany
Håll mig nära2011Efterlyst - BarbadosSweden
Stanna kvar Nathalie2011Single - MannerzSweden
Bailamor2011Single - Lili & Susie feat. Diamond DogsSweden
Title Year Single / Album / Artist Country
Håll om2010Polyphonic - StyleSweden
Kom och ta oss2010Keep it black - Various artists/Lili & SusieSweden
Åt helvete för sent2009Single - Sara LöfgrenSweden
Show me heaven2009Nu och då - det bästa med Lili & SusieSweden
Tease me2009Nu och då - det bästa med Lili & SusieSweden
You can't buy my love/Du köper aldrig mig2008Single - Anki BaggerSweden
This house2008In the sun - Susie PäivärintaSweden
New day
What goes around
Title Year Single / Album / Artist Country
Safe and warm
Tell me why
My old tree
She's gone
Living for
Forgive me
In the sun
Morning sun
Little Bird
Title Year Single / Album / Artist Country
New day2004Single - Jan JohansenSweden
New day2004Single - MizJapan
Welcome the world2002Single - Susanne SonntagFinland
Dying to live2001Soundtrack TV series 'Djurens Ö' - Lili PäivärintaSweden
Kiss of freedom
Dying to live (instr.)
Ride on my love1992No sugar added - Lili & SusieSweden
All you can say is goodbye
Halfway to heaven
Title Year Single / Album / Artist Country
Only you
Vintergatan1987Dance RomanceSweden
Cry everytime1987Dance RomanceSweden
Sommar i natt1985Lili & Sussie - Lili & SusieSweden
Vågens tecken1985I vågens tecken - Lili & SusieSweden

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Susie Päivärinta

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Pierre Raffi Thomassian, Salong Small, Hair and Styling.
Anne-Charlotte Birnik, Color Box, Make Up.
Peter Englund, Epicproductions, Styling.
Mikael Silkeberg, Photo.
Annelie & Thom, Website.